"i highly recomend this store for those who need iphone battery replacement because my iphone 6 was a used phone and the capacity only holded 51% battery and would shut off and nearly takes forever for phone to turn on and 100% battery would drain so fast like 1 minute and all the seconds changing from 99, 98, every second but now it is okay and holds 90% capacity!!"

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"My phone and my laptop decided to give in on the same day (both the RAM and hard-drive got fried) so I was devastated. Luckily he managed to fix both in no time without losing any of my precious pictures, documents or other data. Highly recommend!"

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"Bob is very friendly and good at what he does. No matter what I do to my computer he is patient with me and is able to unbug and upgrade my system for me. Sometimes he is able to help me by phone, he walks through each step I need and I'm back in business in no time. Love this type of service."

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